Hagia Sophia

Here you can buy anything. With patience, good eye and ability to bargain is not impossible that you will be able to buy and very valuable things. Although, of course, the treasures of antiques on the market fall is extremely rare, so do not expect there to buy a carpet museum quality, standing on the auction tens of thousands of dollars for two or three hundred. But all sorts of funny and very beautiful trinkets, jewelry, leather goods, textiles, etc. – find it is quite possible.

Do not forget to bargain. With skill, you can knock off the stage twice, and even tripled. Note that in Istanbul on purchases must be bargained for, except in European supermarkets and small grocery shops. Near the Blue Mosque is the market of carpets and leather Arasta. Go through it and admire the advise to buy – no. Prices are phenomenally overpriced and designed for the silly American and Japanese tourists. Generally, carpets, leather, ceramics, ethnic clothing and all sorts of souvenir shops selling countless throughout the city. Traditional leather products (shoes, bags, clothes) is very high quality and at very reasonable prices sell For example, in-store '' on the street Alemdar near Hagia Sophia.

In contrast, in the shop 'Otago' selling cassettes with authentic Turkish music and folk musical instruments. One of the attractions of this institution is a chicken coop on the second floor. A very good and inexpensive pottery shop, 'Fettah', located next to the church Brown. If you are interested in works by contemporary Turkish designers, we have to go to the area Taksim and Istiklal street. Here you will find a rather expensive but good shops that sell shoes, clothing, household items and fashion jewelry. But stambultsy belonging to the middle class, prefer to buy clothes, bags and shoes in stores Zeytynburnu district on the outskirts of town, on the way to the airport. The prices here are lower, but quality is high. Be sure to also visit the Egyptian market in the Eminonu – the kingdom of spices. Permeated by air fragrances dizzy, and then there just is not! The only problem is when you buy – half of herbs, spices and other wonders of nature you do not know what to do with them – is unclear. Another place where you can also buy spices and genuine Turkish soap, famous since the Middle Ages, as well as beautiful natural sponge – it stores on the street Enicherleri, near the University. A popular Turkish hat from the carpet fabric, a felt fez, silk scarves and, of course, the obligatory souvenir Istanbul – Glass blue-white-yellow circle, an amulet against the evil eye, you can buy at almost every corner.