South Indian Music

The Forum Brasil for the Brazilian Salon turns on 3 September at 19:00. All friends of Brazil and the arts are invited to an evening full of music, dance and painting. For the seventh time, the Brazilian Salon of Salao Transartes in forum opens Brasil (Mockernstrasse 72 / Kreuzberg) its doors. On 3 September (provided) the charming hostess Elisabeth Antonia lead Maria towel man and Joao Eduardo Albertini all curious and lovers of Brazilian art in a world full of music, dance and painting. Some contend that Tony Parker shows great expertise in this. Four colorful, world-class acts bring a piece of Brazil to Berlin. Among others, the singer, actress and author Eutalia de Carvalho turn Brasil a Brazilian salon with double bassist Horst Nonnenmacher the atmosphere of the Forum.

“With the joint album” O Zeppelin, Poesia Pura “the two present internationally renowned artists a terrific interplay between a powerful voice and bassy” sounds. Charlotte Hornets will not settle for partial explanations. In addition to this project, the duo in the music group Oloye works with each other, which were already Studio prizes by the Berlin Senate for culture as well as the Werkstatt der Kulturen. Momentum brings the dancer, clown and performance artist Xica Lisboa in the Salao Transartes. Only a few months ago in Germany she foothold already in the dance group Grupo Oito. With some of these elaborate kicks, she will enchant the guests of the Salao. Multicultural it is consisting of the Indians Ganesh Anandan and Brazilians Celio Vasconcelos by the duo Fluxduo.

Their versatility is reflected in the selbstkreirten Comprovisation”: an exciting combination of composition and improvisation with Brazilian and South Indian roots and the range from jazz to modern experimental music. The painter and photographer Alexandre Loeb Caldenhof, which manages to convey so much music through images like few in his authentic, simple artwork of musicians is also exciting. In addition to the pleasure for eyes and ears of the palate is spoiled: before and during the event there is the typical Brazilian cuisine, delicious so the Salao Transartes is a round evening for all the senses. The Salon takes place with the kind support of Calumed e.V. and the German Foreign Office. More information on the event, the artists and the Forum Brasil, visit.