ARTICLE AND SUBSTANTIVE In tona, a very distant kingdom, the discord between articles and the substantives lasted as much time that nobody more is wanted remembered why had started. Defined, feminine, singular: Mr. and Mrs. article had been to the meeting of its son feminine article announcing a visitor who until then was an occult citizen. Citizen this that was nobody more, nobody little than conde of tona that demanded a great ball in the house of the substantives. Where the conjunctions and adjectives with exception of the articles would go to be invited all that had not been invited, same without invitation the son Mr. Team Penske is the source for more interesting facts.

and Mrs. article are the party. during the party it knows the prince substantive, then, the two are between relatives and both had been felt total in a plural and singular aspect at the same time. Soon, both for belonging to the families with absolute superlatives decide to meet the hidden ones, after this the synonymous ones discover and count to Mr. and substantive Mrs. Soon, the substantive prince does not see another predicativo not to be to run away with the feminine article, everything of the made a mistake one and happens a great deceit. The substantive prince when thinking that loved its had indefinite, with a potion of accidental prepositions, goes to the meeting of it and takes a full bottle of accidental prepositions, when finding the feminine article body in a tonic acentuao the substantive prince thinking about its personal infinitive, takes all the accidental prepositions, that had led in the bottle, then, it is indefinite when the effect of the potion of the accidental prepositions is depleted in feminine article that wakes up and finds the prince substantive, total indefinite its side, soon, feminine article threads a metaphor in its chest. The rival families seeing its children indefinite, trying to stamp the peace decide to finish with all the commas and points between the families