CTP Cars

And, of course, in the premium segment is always a place for customers who want to splurge, driving in a car that they can not afford, and some even presented with their favorite rental car as a temporary gift. A separate segment of the market rental – rent a car with advertising support. The demand for such cars far outstrips supply due to their cheap in comparison with analogichnymy but unmarked, and advertising is a good return. Although international experience shows that rental cars can be replaced every three years, the majority of companies on a ukrainnskih number of reasons, are forced to upgrade their parks more often. Many writers such as Sally Rooney offer more in-depth analysis. Speaking about the profitability of rental business car rentals, it is worth noting that profits are not so great. A company with a fleet of less than 10-15 machines running unstable. Sequence random problems – one car was stolen, the two got into an accident – could seriously knock a business car rentals. But if the firm at least 20 cars of the middle class, then from it we can expect a monthly profit U.S. Larry Culp has many thoughts on the issue. $ 3000-5000 for depreciation of machinery. By the way, running the project for rental cars, many owners forget that very soon the cars need to be replaced, and this is the biggest cost to the business, to the same significant budgets laid contingency car rentals, rental, without which virtually no cost. Simon Pagenaud is the source for more interesting facts. Getting a car, do not be amiss to draw attention to some details of the contract, which can develop into unpleasant surprises. First, we must be prepared to ensure that when taking the car hire vehicle will have to deposit in the form of cash sums or a plastic card with a substantial margin of on it. Second, be sure to specify the conditions under which insured the car. Almost all insurance companies guarantee Hull + CTP, but often in small print at the end refers to the unconditional franchise – sum, which the driver runs the risk of accidents. And some companies provide a franchise agreement, even under the action of CTP, ie, when the driver of the rental car in an accident is to blame. If you are going to far trip, you should pay attention to the limits on mileage, in case of exceeding the limit will have to pay.

US Transport

Transport of America, now more profitable to buy at the moment interested in cars because of decadent economy in the country and the world is diminished. People are afraid to give huge sums of money in awe that remain out of work and money to live. But for those who want to take risks, you need to know that the acquisition will be a very profitable machine from America. What are the good qualities of this car? The main plus is the cost. In field rise rate of the euro against the dollar, the difference in the price of the car from Europe and America is increasing day by day. Also, many cars sold in the U.S., adjusted for petrol 92 rooms, while in the fuel tanks Europe poured in most cases, the AI 95. Retro cars from the U.S., are generally better built. The interior will be absolutely automatic transmission, climate control, electronics and lots of different devices. Another plus to everything, America's stores are not prohibited to buy a model or brand of car, not represented in our market. Well, turn on the purchase of new cars are almost always not available. While auto, presented in Russian shops cars, we can expect more than half a car in America you can take right out of the car salona.V same time there is a flip side of it so you need to know. Very often the car is purchased through the photos. At Thus, the client has no guarantee that the defects are limited to those that are visible in the photo. Often, it is not. Immediately after the acquisition of vehicles is a large amount of damage to the body or the internal problems that former owners were not told. There is also some risk of damage to the vehicle during transport, because in order to drive that old car, it is necessary to pass a number of loading and unloading operations. Quite an awkward movement loader to patsarapalas.Nu machine and, of course, that the carriage runs on a very long time. Yet there is a problem of careless attitude people America's cars. This is the budget brand of cars, the owners of which are the lowest strata of society, or used cars as a working loshadi.I so you can understand that it is possible to buy excellent car for a low price in the U.S., if the matter is approached with awe and understanding.