Soviet Union

And here is where the fun began. At the three railway stations in Moscow members of the group 'Tender May "began handing out cassettes on the box with the first album to each head of the train and arranged to all over the train wagons sounded just this music, and periodically announced ad: 'If you like this music, anyone can get for free audio cassette recording of this album in your car conductors' for this service every trainmaster received $ 100 (at the time it was good money). Using this simple technique, in different parts of the Soviet Union began to part the passenger trains that all day spinning the first album 'Tender May ", and their passengers obtained free of charge to the first cassette album. 15 days was distributed a railway car audio cassettes. And a month later they all began to talk about the band, her songs were spinning in all public places and youth just 'fanatela'.

And this time the group 'Tender May "received its first orders for 10 concerts in Alma-Ata. And then the orders for the holding of such concerts in all corners of the Soviet Union. But what's interesting – the first performance in Moscow took only 1.5 years. First there was conquered by the periphery and only then – the Soviet capital. At first glance, nothing, but only at first glance.

To promote the groups' Tender May "was launched in traffikovy virus masses. The group began to say very many, their songs are copied from tape to tape their popularity was just crazy. that led to that on the whole territory of the USSR plied more than 12 false groups 'Tender May ". Let me stress, it was wildly popular. And the most interesting – as a result of promotional activities the group 'Tender May "was touring, fame and profit! You see, back in the late 80s the idea of viral Traffic has demonstrated its viability in the promotion of 'Tender May ".