Strike Metal

After hitting it again takes its original shape. Another remarkable feature of glass – it does not resonate. Moreover, it is also Noise has the properties due to its fibrous structure. When installing the metal protection, even if it is installed correctly, the appearance of unpleasant happens sounds like a rattle, buzz, etc. It is because the metal is in contact with the protection of the sub-frame vehicle or some kind of vibrating parts.

This gives rise to the resonance effect, which manifests itself as noise. Moreover, it can show how at certain engine speeds and at idle. Composite protection is devoid of such shortcomings, in fact, in most cases, it reduces the noise of the engine and ensure a quiet cabin in a movement. Another quality that good protection: Composite crankcase does not affect the safety of the collision. Agree, it's really important. Because fiberglass is not defeated plastic deformation, in a frontal collision, the composite protection breaks and does not interfere with nursing the engine down, on a pre-counted paths. This also promotes a form of protection from bending down. In today's car, part of the strike to be extinguished due to crushing of deformed body parts, which is calculated by the manufacturer in advance.

It is therefore important that the protection does not interfere with the scheme laid down deformation. But this is not all … Thanks to the protection of the composite can be made of almost any shape, for many models of cars it does not steal clearance as do some metal protection.